嘘を! もっと嘘を!

Feb. 2 to 4, Wed. to Fri, PC Broken.
2 Wed., I have done a host for open mic. party at Ogikubo Alcafé.

reviken@yahoo.co.jp アルカフェにて

9 of players come, thanks.
20% of players smoke.
80% of players did not carry his/her musical equipment.
100% of no equipment carrying musicians somke.

Nice night, thanks.

3 Thu., new OS Windows7 arrived and run on my Sempron 1.5 GHz with 512 MB Ram TACKEY. Sigh, Aquirax PC got almostly died, wait for. And my Oyayubi Shift Keyboard does not work on PC, I tryed heard to activate and got in vain.
4 Fri., I found that if it is not the fault of PC but of keyboards, FKB8579-661 and FKB7628-801, both cause of Aquirax machine.