嘘を! もっと嘘を!

Body temperature is
35.8 degree in C. So what?


Tuesday, 4th Mar., 2008, heap of Fishes.
fishes I wake up early in the morning 07:00, body temperature was 35.6 degree in C. Okay, bad coldness was gone.

Warm nice day, I got to Otowa-ya office at 13:00 and worked for 5 hours and half. On my working time I also got to Tai-suke fishmonger and got 3 nice Nishin fishes with $6.
On my way back home at Tsurukame-land, I got some chicken meat and planned to make some pot-au-feu. Then, obachan of Uo-gon (also a fishmonger) found me and sold me 9 nice hata-hata fishes with $2.

Now I’m here THE RICH my friend’s house to look after while THE RICH going to onsen spa. In front of me, here is 3 Nishin Fishes, 9 Hata-hata fishes, and chicken. How about my dinner? I have no idea.

Tomorrow, daytime I’ll be there, Otowa-ya office.
From 19:00, I’ll manage a some kind of jam-session at Alcafe, Ogikubo. What will I do? I have no idea, and everything will go well, I hope so.